What if Change Seekers Truly United?

As a non-political American the elections of the different political parties are usually observed with a distant vague curiosity; much like a Superbowl without my beloved Dallas Cowboys, although watchable, I don’t Really care who wins.

The above analogy is significant only in the sense that political elections are a competition (albeit a popularity contest). As though we return to High school every  4 years and choose “Most Popular”, or “Most Likely To Succeed”.

As someone whom understands team competition, you would know that to succeed, you must know who your Real Players are, and how to Motivate them to Unite.

President Donald Trump get’s it, he knows who his Real Players are, what is important to them, and how to motivate them to unite and win. Many of those Real Players are remaining silent, and shall only “speak” in the November elections.

President Trump knows all to well that in today’s world of #anti-bullying ,#metoo, #blacklivesmatter, #LGBT, #anti-gun, #anti-religion, etc.etc.. that many Americans no-longer feel free to even practice the 1st Amendment: Freedom of Speech, from fear of being labeled one of the many negative (and dismissive) terms that shall be immediately attached to them, if they were to dare speak their mind. So they remain silent.

But their silence is being confused with their defeat, and there in lies the rub.

The Covid-19 virus is real, and most do not dispute this. Although more than capable of delving into the intricate details of this virus, I shall only mention the obvious.

This is a virus, as is the common flu. The common flu claims 200-600,000 lives World Wide yearly. This covid-19 was identified as early as October/November 2019… Therefore simple arithmetic deduces that the covid-19 mortality rate is more or less the same as the common flu. Thus many believe that simply isolating and protecting the vulnerable (i.e. the elderly and those with per-existing medical conditions) would be more logical. Rather than shutting down the Nations’ economy and promoting mass hysteria , and as a result putting 10’s of million’s of American lives in peril. As the nation’s unemployment rate continues to climb (already over 20%) and 40 MILLION without work.

This virus, more than Anything exposes how MILLIONS of citizens in the USA have inadequate heath care, thus are more likely to be walking around with undetected per-existing medical conditions. Unlike our neighbors above and below (Canada and Mexico), the USA is one of the ONLY industrialized countries in the entire world, that does not provide it’s Citizens with universal health care. You read correctly, even in Mexico they provide universal health care to all of their citizens.

The virus exposes this, yet the clearly bias mass media portrays this as some “Boogieman” virus problem that President Trump is some how mishandling, Rather than call for change of the Real problem; a need for universal heath care for All American Citizens. This Is a problem that no political party has ever fully addressed. This need is so profound that Universal Heath care for All American citizens should be added as an amendment to our very constitution.

THE 28th AMENDMENT: All USA citizens shall be provided with universal healthcare from birth till death. 


And the fact that we can derive trillions of dollars for bailouts within days should put to rest for everyone the argument that this would be too expensive. This, together with regulating the astronomical health care cost, must be done.

True Unity=True Empowerment (TU=TE²)

President Trump knows this, and immediately made sure his Real Players understood that he did not want to impose Lockdowns.

Americans Love underdogs, because the very existence of the country is perhaps the greatest underdog story in the history of the world. This is a country were Every Citizen in All 50 states can Carry A Concealed Weapon (a Gun).. which means any day they leave their homes they could be shot dead. Understanding this, may help a non-American understand that a virus of Any kind is not something that the average American will honestly feel a need to lock themselves in their homes for.

President Trump understands this, and his opponents obviously do not. And the more the mass media in the USA (CNN, and ABC  in particular) continue to berate and poke fun at his “incompetence” , all the while ignoring the Irony of everyone telling them to “Stay Home”, are doing so from Their Jobs.

This fact does nothing more than serve as a uniting call for all of the Silent Army, an army that will scream loud in the November 2020 elections and re-elect Donald J. Trump as President of the United States of America.