Brexit Is As Logical As Breathing

You are at home, the entire family, perhaps enjoying a television program. Then someone walks into your home (you are Not Allowed to have locks on your doors), grabs the remote control and changes the channel, and before you can say WTF!, they inform you that someone in France, Belgium or Finland has decided they have the right to do so.

This is somewhat like how it feels to be in the EU, as described to me by some  UK citizens (in private, for fear of being labeled a racists if expressing their feelings publicly) while I recently visited there for an extended amount of time. It was my second extended visited, this time it was the Northeast near Newcastle, previously it was the Midlands near Nottingham. I would advise anyone to visit either location to experience the Real UK. I enjoyed my stay both times immensely.

Mike Sholars Tynemouth UK.jpg

The UK is truly an awesome country and culture, this is a place were the majority of all police officers Do Not Carry Guns,  can you be more civilized  than that in today’s world?
Why does everyone seem to be under the impression that the majority of UK citizens are “confused” because they would prefer to be an independent country, free to govern, police, and decide whom has a right to work and live within it’s own borders?

This perplexes me.

Also the notion that United Kingdom will somehow collapse into some apocalyptic catastrophe, just because it leaves the EU is other nonsense!

This “logic” reminds me of the comedian Andy Woodhull description of how his  wife beats him at arguments; “she just denies she is doing the thing that I was mad about ”

It would seem that the majority of UK citizens whom wish the leave the EU shall Never be allowed. They are in-effect being treated like little children. They gave an honest answer, and now the “adults” (paid politicians), will convince them that they were to ignorant to understand the question.

They want to force Another vote, feeling confident that after almost 3 years of unnecessary political delay tactics that they have successfully emotionally terrorized enough UK citizens to now “win” a second referendum.

Mike Sholars Switzerland.jpg

After a recent extended visit to Switzerland, I am convinced now more than ever that living without being a member of the EU is more than possible, it is Logical. There people of many different heritages co-existed in harmony, with All respecting and assimilating within the Swiss culture. I seriously doubt that this would be achieved it forced upon the citizens

Hopefully the citizens of the UK will be allowed to leave the EU, as the Majority of them expressed their desire to do so with their democratic rights. By holding on to their own currency, they have always expressed a desire to remain independent. With it’s greatest ally being the USA, I have no doubt that their future shall be as Great as their past. Paid Politicians’ true influence over the citizen’s lives should have a limit, and That Limit Being Defined Is The True Meaning Of Brexit.