Welcome Back Michael Vick

Written October 24, 2009 at 1:25 PM


Sports illustrated asked us laymen to share our opinion of Michael Vick’s reinstatement into the NFL and signing with the Philadelphia Eagles… This was my reply.



Well, as long as Michael Vick limits any future criminal activities to only abusing (Ben Roethlisberger – Rape accusation), or murdering (Donte’ Stallworth -murder) Humans; we can all rest assured that America won’t all gather together again in a frantic blood-lust demanding that he be imprisoned and stripped of the very profession he uses to feed his children.


This Blood-Lust was lead by P.E.T.A. , which apparently stands for Please Expose your T.s and A, from what I have seen of that organization’s attempt to bring attention to their cause.


I love dogs… Animals of all kinds.. And I do not condone any abuse on any level. But I love humans more.


I always felt that a just penalty for Mr. Vick’s previous involvement in the dog fighting ring would have been for him to fund the construction of a new Animal Hospital. This surely would have helped more animals and humans the likes. But placing an elite athlete in prison for two years of his prime for a crime against an Animal (while allowing others to blow animals’ brains all over our Forrest floors in the name of “hunting” ) is both hypocritical and as sick as the “sport” of dog fighting itself.


This I do know.. Tony Dungy doesn’t sign off on Mr Vick, if he did not believe in his character.


Welcome back Mr. Vick… Time to remind all just why you were the highest paid.


 MikeSholars.com (Click to return to the website)

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