The Dallas Cowboys require greatness at the Quarterback position

To All Tony Romo fans, it was never implied that Mr. Romo is not a good QB. I think he is, however this is the Dallas Cowboys, where QBs are measured in terms of great leadership, and Super Bowl(S) won.

The Dallas Cowboys require greatness at the Quarterback position, very good will always be sub-par.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones with THE Stat 

Roger Staubach was Super Bowl MVP at age 30 (3rd year as a starter), and of course this was after serving five years of active duty in the US Navy.
Troy Aikman was Super Bowl MVP at age 27 (4th year as a starter).

These shall forever remain the standards of starting QBs for the Dallas Cowboys. And Leadership is a prominent requisite. Mr. Aikman earned the respect required to lead his team by standing tall in the pocket for all of the first 11 games of that (1-15) 1989 season. He never pointed fingers, favored his BFF, or gave up on his teammates. They in turn never gave up on him for years to come.
Roger Staubach’s leadership qualities are at an iconic level, and are well documented. To put it quite simply, he is a true sports hero.

You have to love Jerry Jones.

I mean would you have him stand up and admit that many in the Cowboys administration, coaching staff, and locker room do not believe in Mr. Romo? Before you reply, recall the Indianapolis Colts did basically the same in regards to Peyton Manning’s replacements in the 2011 season (Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky). The results were painful to witness.

At this point, even people with a minimal football IQ realize that after 9 years as a Cowboy, clearly Mr. Romo is not the QB/Leader the Dallas Cowboys need. Perhaps there is no greater testimony to this fact than in 2011 Mr. Romo had his best statistical season ever, yet the Dallas Cowboys only managed a .500 record.

“Statistics Are For Losers”

The only statistic that matters in the NFL (No Fun Loosing) is not an individual statistic at all. It is a Team statistic. The one that measures Championships won. In Eli Manning’s case, this would be a 2-0 lead over Mr. Romo, accompanied by two Superbowl MVP trophies, which would strongly imply that Eli Manning actually lead his team to those championships.

One would think that this would put Eli Manning in an entirely different football universe than Mr. Romo, and certainly makes the New York Giants organization look genius for doing whatever necessary in 2004 to acquire Eli Manning (e.g. Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luke). Mind you that 2004 Giants team already had Kurt Warner on it’s roster.

A Bold decision.. A Championship decision

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