Dallas Cowboys adding Peyton Manning would be Genius

I first wrote and published this in Sports Illustrated’s FanNation January 31 , 2012, which was almost 3 months before Peyton Manning signed with Denver.

It would be a stroke of genius for the Dallas Cowboys to send Tony Romo and his golf clubs to the Indianapolis Colts, in exchange  for Peyton Manning. 

Not only will it make the Dallas Cowboys an immediate Super Bowl favorite for the next 3 years; American football fans the world over would get a chance to see what would surly be the highest rated regular season TV sports events ever…. The Manning Bowls (Cowboys -vs- Giants).. Twice a Year.. Awesome.


An elite QB/Leader has long been the most vital missing ingredient in Jerry Jones and the legions of Cowboys supporters quest to bring more Lombardi Trophies home to Dallas.


We would have the added motivation of what may be the best QB ever arriving to Dallas with a chip on his shoulder and feeling unappreciated by his former team he was so faithful to. This form of personal motivation to succeed immediately is priceless to a coaching staff, and it is highly contagious. We won’t even start with the true leadership he brings to the table.


This is a perfect fit, but the window shall be open only briefly.


Time To Make Championship Decisions.


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